Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pre-selling Artwork for Exhibition

Hello everyone!  I am currently working on my thesis, which is to build a visitor's center for a fictional desert ghost town. The visitor's center will contain artist books, interactive dioramas, brochures and other ephemera structured around the mysterious, harsh, and sometimes absurd backdrop of the Mojave desert.

I am pre-selling some of my artwork at a discounted rate in order to fund the project. In addition, every person who contributes will receive a Visitor's Center Membership card and have their names displayed on the list of supporters (or not, if you don't want it!).

If you are a lover of the desert, ghost towns, oddities, and the beautifully bizarre, this project is for you.  I have items for sale at different price levels, starting at just $5.

When completed, the installation itself will be part of an MFA thesis exhibition at a gallery in Oakland California in November 2015.  I promise to post updates of the progress of this project as it happens, and all sold pieces will be shipped in a timely manner after the exhibition ends in December (before the holidays, hint hint!).

Thanks so much everyone, and I hope to see you all in November!

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