Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

This is a pop-up/accordion style book of Little Red Riding Hood.  I have been especially interested in the idea of using Fairy Tales as symbols.  Many stories have become so ingrained in our culture that simple references can unravel the entire story itself.  A pop up image of Little Red Riding Hood in a forest completes a self-contained, non-linear narrative.  This "theatrical" book format allows all the components of the story - the introduction, climax, and conclusion - to coexist in the same plane.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Uncle Remus Rebind

Rebind on an old Disney Uncle Remus book.  The spine was missing & all pages were detached.  It had a compressed paper cover, so I removed the board from the cover & attached to a rebound hardcover book.  The endleaves were also illustrated & connected to the first page of the book, so those were removed & reattached too.  The new cover is bound in red bookcloth.  The new spine is foil stamped.

The Exquisite Corpse

Of course there's no such thing as book arts without surrealist games.  All pen & ink & paper.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Butterfly

Miniature watercolors on rice paper.  1"x2.5". 

Little Beetle

I just finished this small paper sculpture.  It's about 3"x4", made of various scraps of paper and one piece of plastic....  I pinned it down in a small shadow box.